Two Months of Working Online and I’m Shocked By the Results

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Two months ago, freshly graduated from high school and trying to decide whether to go to college, I found myself panicking at my lack of income. I’d quit my job earlier in the year with the intention of getting another gig for the summer… but then coronavirus shook the world. I’m not particularly nervous for myself, but as someone who lives with others who are in high risk groups, I became skeptical about going to get a job. No, I was more than skeptical; I was unwilling.

But I knew I had to start making money. Suppose I did decide to go to college; what was I supposed to do for work, especially when I had to be in my dorm so often for classes (because everything is online)? More importantly, what did I want to do? Well, I’ve always wanted to write. Everyone has a talent, and composing words is mine. At least, I think it is. So I started looking for job listings online. I applied. And I waited.

And then, suddenly, like waking up abruptly during a dream, everything changed. I got paid twelve dollars. That’s it, twelve. I received and email when I woke up one morning, and then I was transferring the money from my PayPal to my bank, and that was it. Twelve dollars. And yet it ignited my passion for working instantly. Twelve dollars for less than a page of writing? Twelve dollars from my bed? Twelve dollars in my pajamas? Twelve dollars?!

I wanted more. I started to write articles like crazy, and I soon got paid another twelve dollars. And another, then another, another, another, another, another. I was thrilled. Keep in mind, this was only a few weeks in. I had only just started. I hadn’t really even figured out what it was I did yet (I am, in case you are wondering, an independent contractor working for a company that serves me articles that larger companies need written for their businesses), but I was making money. Little did I know that a month and a half later, that money would seem silly.

After those earnings started to come in and my PayPal had come to life with transactions, I found myself loving the work. Indeed, still now I have become a sort of workaholic. Because I was hungry for more, I took to the popular internet selling platform Fiverr, which I had previously tried with no success. But this time, I vowed, was different. I would not get discouraged.

I created a listing advertising my skills for blog posts. I put my prices low, to get people interested, and increased my word count to make myself competitive. That’s my secret, you see. I can write incredibly fast. This article that you’re reading now didn’t take me more than twenty-five minutes to craft, and that includes editing. I hoped that this skill would be useful, and then I made my gig public.

Again, it started with a simple message. Your order has been marked as complete. The funds are being processed. That was for ten dollars. What came next was much more than I could have anticipated. I started to get more deals, for higher amounts, fifty dollars here, forty dollars there, and so on. These early deals had to be completed in only a day, as Fiverr doesn’t adjust time based on quantity, so my fast writing came in handy. I quickly grew accustomed to writing more than five thousands words per day, editing the pieces, and submitting them. And then I started to get my ratings.

Still today my profile has only five star reviews. I don’t know how long that will last, but I do know that it has made my profile explode. I went from a few sporadic orders to thousands of page views and hundreds of dollars in active gigs. I went from a ten dollar post to depositing money into my PayPal in virtual heaps. Only, it was no longer twelve dollars, but forty, and thirty, and fifty, and twenty, and thirty, and fifteen, and so on. It was serious money (to me), and if I was a less cautious person I would tell you exactly how much it’s been. I think for now it suffices to say that it has been hundreds of dollars.

And keep in mind, all of this in only two months. But like I said earlier, it has not been easy. If I was a slower writer, I would have failed a couple of days in. I had to make myself a schedule to ensure I was getting things done on time, which is hard for me because I hate following schedules. I have gotten used to answering inquiries at one in the morning and waking up three hours earlier than I normally would to finish an article before being forced to go about my day. I have been glued to my phone to make sure I know when orders are being started and I have been recording deadlines so I know what has to be done by when.

It has been a lot of work. A huge amount of work. It will be even harder to keep up with when I get to college, because I have decided to go, but I know also that I cannot stop. I am getting into the groove. I have a flexible schedule. And, most importantly, I don’t get out of my pajamas. Two jobs online has not been an easy experience, but I can say that two months in, I’ve realized that the internet truly is the great equalizer and I have have no plans on stopping any time soon. I think that there is a lot of fear around making money from the internet. It seems like a complicated thing, right? But as long as you have a skill, some focus, and a little bit of determination, you’ll find that the internet is bursting at the seams with opportunity. Don’t be afraid, just get to work.




A literature enthusiast and avid writer. In fact, I’m probably typing away on my keyboard as you read this…

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Dom Marco

Dom Marco

A literature enthusiast and avid writer. In fact, I’m probably typing away on my keyboard as you read this…

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